Study the relationship between Selenium , Vitamine B6 , B12 and hyperhomocysteine levels in patients with cardiovascular disease in Thi-Qar Governorate

Study the relationship between Selenium , Vitamine B6 , B12 and hyperhomocysteine levels in patients with cardiovascular disease in Thi-Qar Governorate


  • JANNAT SATTAR College of science
  • Mohammed A. Auda



Cardiovascular diseases(CVDs) which include ischemic heart disease, stroke, heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, and several other cardiac and vascular illnesses, are the world's leading cause of mortality and significantly lower life expectancy. The research included measuring and evaluating  Homocysteinevitamin B6 , B12 and Selenium  for cardiovascular patients.


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Published: 2023-06-28

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