Male Infertility Risk Factors and Potential Causes: A Scoping Review


  • Lana Nazar Abdul-Razzaq Ministry of Education. Educational Rusafa Directorate



Limited studies have been conducted on the probable causes and risk factors for male infertility, despite evidence of diminishing sperm counts globally and increasing male infertility rates. Because there are few primary treatments for male unproductiveness, knowing the reason and risk characteristics will help identify particular ways to prevent it. Detect gaps of possible risks and reasons affecting on male to enable further specialized innovation and research are summarized in this review article. The review covered research from scholarly/scientific journals that addressed male infertility “its causes and risk factors”. There was no time or place restriction. Particular life style such as (smoking, alcohol intake and medication, the high prevalence of obese men, environmental contamination due to indiscriminate use   especially (pesticides and heavy metals), electronic devices and male age are discussed. In addition, the genetics factors, STDs, varicocele, ROS and endocrine disorder and the influence on human spermatogenesis are considered. In our opinion, enhance comprehension   “the causes and risk factor” will make it easier to develop primary preventive and to guide therapy for male infertility.




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