Carrier dynamic and carrier Temperature in Quantum Well

  • Hiba J. Musa
  • Ahmed H. Flayyih
Keywords: semiconductor optical amplifier, quantum well, Carrier temperature


Carrier temperature in quantum well (QW)
semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) has been studied,
depending density matrix theory (DMT) and carrier dynamic
in quantum well. The effect of volume carrier density, doping
on effect, pulse shape, nonradiative relaxation, and nonlinear
gain coefficients on the carrier temperature and carrier
heating has been investigated. The theoretical results show
that; the time recovery increases straightforward with
nonradiative recombination, where the relaxation time of
nonradiative recombination reduces the rate of carrier
occupation in quantum states. Also, the carrier temperature
increases with carrier density, free carrier absorption, carrier
heating lifetime and reduces with pulse shape of pump pulses

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