The Most Prescribed Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections in Pregnant Women in Nasiriya City- South of Iraq


  • Afrah Thiab Hlail college of pharmacy- Thi-Qar university



Antibiotics are  chemicals or natural compounds that act by fighting various types of bacterial  infections including urinary tract infection  in pregnant women which is considered the most vulnerable patients to such infection due to several factors which may be hormonal , anatomical etc. The aim of this recent study is to confirm a pattern of antibiotic selection used for urinary tract infection in pregnant women in Nasiriya city- South of Iraq. Ninety pharmacies were asked about the antibiotics prescribed for their patients, the doses, dosage form, dose frequency, concomitant drugs (aim from administration of these drugs with antibiotics) and adverse effect. The study period was extended from January2022 till August 2022. From this study , the most dispensed antibiotics ware Cefexime 35.5%  in a dose 400 mg  capsule every twelve hours and the most frequently   prescribed dosage form according to the physicians  feedback and the analysis of  the data was displayed the oral administration either (tablets or capsules) and it is  less commonly prescribed are paraenteral antibiotics . In this work cefixime  was the most dispended with a percent (35.5) cefixime may be due to it because there is more prescription due to safety during pregnancy  , also it  available in pharmacies


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Published: 2023-12-25

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