The Infections in Urinary Tract among Pregnant Women in Nasiriya City, Iraq

Bacterial Urinary Tract infections among Pregnant Women




UTI, Pregnant women, bacteria, Naissiyria


AbstractUrinary tract infection (UTI) is a common medical complication in pregnant women .It is associated with severe consequences for both the fetus and the mother. This study designed to  detect the frequency of microorganisms causing UTI in pregnancy women. One hundred and twenty  participants of pregnancy women included in this study. Urine samples were collected from each participant and cultured on blood and MacConkey agars ,followed by macro and microscopic identification and biochemical tests. API 20E and  API Staph compact systems were used as a confirmatory tests . The results  showed  that  the ratio of positive urine culture was 53 (44.2% ) , and the highest positive urine cultures were detected in the second trimester 23/53 (43.3%). Also, gram positive bacteria particularly Staphyiococcusspp  were the most common frequency (60.2 %) in this study , and   Staphylococcus aureus was the most common microorganism isolated from pregnancy women  with UTIs followed by  Escherichia coli (19%) . UTI  is a major health problem among pregnant women especially during the last two trimesters of pregnancy. Staphylococcus aureus is the dominant pathogen nowadays causing UTIs in different trimesters.

Author Biography

1Tamarah H Abd Al-Amir , university of thi-qar

MICROBIOLOGY -Pathological Analysis Department 


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